Who we are

We are honest, transparent, creative, and flexible. No matter how much your budget is, we deliver quality and value. Our goal is to make your homebuilding process one you can trust to be creative in design, excellent in craftsmanship, within budget, and enjoyable.

Our Team

While each member of the Cross Team leads a different aspect of the build process, they all are involved in making sure our clients are clear and feel comfortable at all stages of the process.

Alex Cross

Owner & Founder

My journey in the construction industry began in high school after joining the building trades program. I gained a strong appreciation for the value of all things that make up a home and quickly learned the difference between putting up a structure and the attention to detail needed to build a quality home. I started Cross Construction in January of 2017, realizing the risk of failure shouldn’t outweigh the opportunity to service clients in a manner that reflects my values and ethics.

As our team has grown, our mission continues to be to extend those values and ethics in everything we do. Our focus is to develop strong relationships with our clients, to understand what their dream home looks like and to deliver that dream. I pride myself in the details, and the steadfast communication required to maintain a successful project. With vision, patience, and perseverance, I am confident our clients will find a worthy teammate in Cross Construction.

As a husband and father, I aim to manage the work life balance to maintain my commitments, and enjoy the little things.

I love to be challenged, not only in my profession but also in my personal life. I enjoy breaking away from work to go camping and dirt biking, traveling to new places, and, most recently, dirt bike desert racing. When I’m not outside, I take pleasure in playing and recording music. I enjoy guitar, bass, and drums mostly, but find the most enjoyment when writing music with my kids.

Mary Cross

Account Controller

I focus closely on each project and constantly seek to optimize the draw process for both client and team. My goal is to make budgeting and invoicing clear and transparent, to ensure our clients have an easy experience on the financial side of their home build. Our best practices are aimed at creating trust because we recognize building a custom home can be financially stressful. The smallest of details matter, from accurate billing, documenting receipts, careful invoicing, to organizing and naming expense files, I develop a clear picture so that even a stranger could understand the cost of each project.

In my spare time, I enjoy painting, practicing yoga, and traveling – 30 countries and counting. I was born and raised in Russia, received a bachelors degree there and another in China. I speak Russian and Chinese, and am now studying coding. I embrace the opportunity for constant growth.

Having lived abroad for most of my life among different cultures, I find joy in meeting new people, getting to know them, taking them through the build process, and finally delivering their dream home. For these reasons, I find being a part of the Cross team rewarding and fulfilling.

Camille Cross

Assistant to the Account Controller

As the Assistant to the Account Controller, I primarily work with vendors to obtain necessary documentation and aid the Account Controller in data entry to ensure our accounting and vendor document records are up-to-date and accurate for both company and client.

I am a new mother to a beautiful baby girl and a devoted wife. I am a lifelong learner and continually fascinated by topics involving human health and culture and hold a bachelor’s degree in Bio-Cultural Anthropology from Oregon State University. I am passionate about the natural world and love to spend time outdoors where I can be found hiking, mountain biking, or just simply basking in the beauty of natural landscapes.


Many people shy away from custom building because of how many decisions need to be made, how often changes come up as client needs and desires shift, and how budgets can vary from beginning to end. We pride ourselves in assuring we pay attention to any stressful issues that come up. Budget is one of the most important of these. We strive to be honest, realistic, and communicative with all financial aspects of a build. Success is when our customers speak satisfaction.